The Unknowable Answer
A multimedia presentation I made about Primer.

Primer commentary

I made a commentary for another of my favorite confusing-as-the-dickens films. Here's what's going to happen: I'm going to start at the top of the page, and you're going to listen. (Right-click and "Save as", then put it on your MP3 player and listen while watching the movie.)

Barton Fink Commentary

Perhaps listening to me talk for two hours will help you understand this film. (Right-click and "Save as", then put it on your MP3 player and listen while watching the movie.)

Writing for the Pictures: Questions about Barton Fink

A multimedia presentation that may help you make sense of the Coen brothers' movie. (Also read the Wikipedia article, most of which I wrote.)


A music video for the song "Destroy Everything You Touch" by Ladytron. Made with clips from Fight Club. Spoiler alert!

I, Neo
[Download small or large]

A music video for the song "I Against I" by Massive Attack featuring Mos Def. Made with clips from the final fight scene in The Matrix: Revolutions.

V for Vendetta: Everything's Cool (small or large)

A trailer I made for the superb film, using Pop Will Eat Itself's excellent song (which really should have been in the movie).

Fred's Escape: Episode 3

The third and final installment of the epic series. Fred's trapped once again, in the deadliest cell ever.

GI Joe: The Remixes

I'm on a mission to remix all 25 of the Fensler Film GI Joe PSAs. Watch me.

The Sphere

I came up with this several years ago. A little something to think about.

Fred's Escape: Episode 2

Fred's back, and his new prison cell is twice as diabolical. It's always tough to start your day swinging from your feet.

Yo, Baby!

A fun video for a fun song. Fans of New College, The Simpsons, and AYB should keep their eyes peeled.


In 1992, the rock band They Might Be Giants released their landmark album Apollo 18, which featured a suite of very short songs called "Fingertips". Garrison Multimedia is proud to bring you -- bit by bit -- animated videos to accompany each tiny song.

Ronnie Dearest (small or large)

Garrison Multimedia proudly presents our first non-ESP production! Ronald Reagan is credited with bringing back patriotism and restoring dignity to the office of President. Now Robot Arm Monkey Brain has created a fitting multimedia tribute. Music by Deep Forest.

Tranquility (small) or (large)

A video for the song "Tranquility" by The Indefatigable Neural System. If you are one of the creators of the clips used in this movie, please don't sue me!

The Wonderful World of Go

You've seen it in A Beautiful Mind; you've seen it in Pi. Now learn it with Flash! This interactive demonstration of Go's beauty and complexity stars all your favorites from the short-lived cartoon series 11:59. Complete with abundant website links for more exploration.

Fred's Escape: Episode 1

Fred is trapped in a cell and can't get out and he's bored. How will he escape?


A music video for the Underworld song. Who knew you could do so much with moving text around?

Penny For A Thought

A music video for the Saul Williams song. Packed with images and animation. (Even if Saul's mouth doesn't really match the words very well. Alas.)